Mr. Salim Eddé

Salim Eddé is one of the two co-founders of the Murex group, a leading provider of software systems for the financial markets, based in Paris. Since its creation in 1986, and with the support of the managing team, Salim Eddé championed the fast growth of Murex.

From an idea hatched in a garage with funding of around $8,000, Murex became one of the most successful financial technology companies in the world and the second largest French software editor. Murex has a revenue of 450M$ and ~2000 employees throughout the Beirut, Paris, Dublin, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Luxemburg, Sao Paolo and Beijing offices. Beirut is the second largest office of the group with 450 professionals servicing all the other offices and clients worldwide.

Furthermore, Mr. Eddé is deeply involved in finding approaches for the sustainable development of Lebanon. He namely created the MIM museum in 2013, leveraging his personal stones and minerals collection that is recognized as one of the world’s paramount private collections for its variety and quality (over 1600 minerals, representing more than 300 different species from over 60 countries). The 14,000 square foot museum offers a didactic circuit, accompanied by screens showing films and scientific applications of mineralogy. Salim Eddé holds a degree of engineering from École Polytechnique in France, a Master’s of Science in Chemical engineering from MIT and an MBA (finance specialization) from the University of Chicago.

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