Help Rebuild St. Grégoire

Dearest friends and family,


We reach out to you once again, in these extremely difficult circumstances, to continue the fight for the survival of our beloved Lebanon.


As you may know, the August 4th explosion did not spare anyone in Lebanon, including the Jamhour family from a very tragic human and a significant material toll. We lost seven students and sustained close to 100 injured within our school community.


In addition, St. Grégoire (Jamhour’s second largest school, founded in 1923), which hosts 1,157 students and faculty members, has been severely damaged, rendering it inoperable. St. Grégoire is the school that caters for students in 3eme and lower classes before they transition into Jamhour. The estimated cost of the school’s reconstruction is $825,000.


Please view this short message from Rector Father Charbel Batour,S.J. about St. Grégoire.


Lebanon’s educational system is our biggest pride and is the only proven and credible mean to build back our country and prevent our fellow Lebanese from falling into a most dangerous illness: despair. It is Education that allowed so many of us to pursue successful careers and prosper. Showing our support in rebuilding St. Grégoire will provide the young Lebanese generation (and many after it) a much needed message of HOPE and a path to a better future.


Let’s make sure that 1060 students have a school to go back to!

Let’s make sure that our nation remains an educated one!!

Let’s make sure that our Nation REMAINS!!!

Indeed, as our motto clearly states: “An educated nation NEVER dies”


Please make your check payable to “Jamhour Alumni US” and mail to:

Jamhour Alumni US
c/o HBK CPA’s & Consultants – Maryann Defuria
100 Walnut Ave. Suite 103
Clark, NJ 07066