Beirut Emergency Fund 2020

In light of the disaster that hit Beirut, Lebanese diaspora organizations, SEAL,  LIFE,  LebNet — joined by Jamhour Alumni (in Europe and the US) and the non-governmental US-based Kuwait America Foundation — have formed a unified humanitarian effort under the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020.

On Aug 4th, 2020 Beirut was rocked by a massive blast. The size of this blast is ranked third largest in the world after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing catastrophic humanitarian, economic, and public health crises. Over 160 people were killed, 6,000 wounded, and hundreds more have been reported missing. The search for victims continues, and the death toll keeps rising. Adding to this tragedy, thousands of homes have been shattered and destroyed leaving 300,000 Lebanese displaced with no shelter.

Our aim is to amplify coordination, outreach, and impact.

We will be working together with Qudurat and Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, and other Lebanese NGOs on the ground, with the support of 3QA, to ensure that the funds are disbursed in a coordinated manner to well-vetted NGOs, based in Lebanon and that focus their efforts on the most pressing needs resulting from this tragedy: Shelter, Food, Medication/Medical Support, Rehabilitation, and Environment.

We will also be collaborating with Impact Lebanon on the allocation and disbursement of funds to avoid any duplication in funding.

Disbursement of the funds will be strictly governed with full transparency about recipient organizations. To date the following NGOs have been selected:  AlGhina,  Arcenciel,  Beit El Baraka,  Lebanon Needs,  Lebanese Red Cross,  Nusaned, and Offre Joie. Additional ones are currently in the vetting process and we will be regularly updating the list.

We need to act fast to assist in relief efforts to help the Lebanese cope with this tragedy.

We urge you to donate now and wherever possible to utilize your companies matching programs to match your individual donations.

We have registered charities in the UK, the us (501c3), France, Switzerland, Australia and Lebanon
100% of the funds raised will go to the NGOS
Funds raised abroad will be sent as fresh money
Donors can benefit from tax relief

UPDATE  – To date, the Beirut Emergency Fund has raised over $8 million in response to the August 4, 2020, explosion in Beirut that killed so far 170 people, injured more than six thousand, caused total material and infrastructural damage to the majority of Beirut, and left more than a quarter of a million people homeless. This devastating tragedy exacerbates the humanitarian and economic challenges already facing the impoverished nation.

Transparency and accountability ensure that every dollar raised by the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020 goes directly to those in need.The first round of disbursement, totaling $2.0 million, has been allocated to the following organizations:

  • Hospitals: St George, Geitawi, Hotel Dieu
  • Medical Support: Lebanese Red Cross, Arcenciel, Lebanon Needs
  • Shelter and Reconstruction: AlGhina , Beit El Baraka , Nusaned, Offre Joie

The Funds and the Needs

The Beirut Emergency Fund is focused on supporting non-profit, non-governmental organizations that are working to meet the humanitarian needs among vulnerable populations impacted by this tragic disaster. These include shelter, food, medical supplies, physical and mental health, as well as mitigating any environmental damage.
The partners in Beirut Emergency Fund: SEAL USA, LIFE, LEBNET, Jamhour Alumni (US/Europe) and the non-governmental, US-based Kuwait-America Foundation are responding rapidly and effectively, using contributions to the Beirut Emergency Fund to address these core issues, while constantly assessing current and emergent needs.
This is a time of uncertainty for all Lebanese. We are truly grateful for all our generous donors and dedicated partners on the ground, who are doing the work to help save lives. We are stronger together.

Please make your check payable to “Jamhour Alumni US” and mail to:

Jamhour Alumni US
c/o HBK CPA’s & Consultants – Maryann Defuria
100 Walnut Ave. Suite 103
Clark, NJ 07066